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Wednesday, October 04 2017


Denzel Neto, founder of NETTO Productions, is an out of the box multidisciplinary artist with an undeniable ability to create music that transcends borders. “Music is a language that everyone in the universe can speak, my task is to match melodies, bass lines, harmonies and rhythmic drum patterns that sync so well together that it sparks a level energy in my listeners.”


As a Singer-Songwriter, Producer and DJ, NETTO embodies the multifaceted aspects of music.  “I am musically versatile; each genre brings a different energy out of me.” Tapping into his Angolan-Brazilian roots and incorporating Hip-Hop, Afro beats and R&B, NETTO is keen on heightening his creativity by keeping the right people around him. “During my creative process I highly rely on the vibe or energy within my surroundings.  My best ideas come when the vibe is right.”


As a self-taught artist, NETTO’s musical inclinations are inbreeded in him growing up in a creative household. “My mother was a professional Samba dancer, I picked up percussion instruments at the age of 4, as I got older I understood my purpose.” NETTO strives to become an influencer learning how to break the conventional practices of producing music by advocating for authenticity in the music industry.


NETTO released his new single, titled “The Weekend” written and produced by NETTO himself. The highly anticipated video will be premiered worldwide by VICE on Noisey, Wednesday, October 4th, 2017.


These days NETTO stays busy perfecting his craft as part of The Remix Project, an organization refining the raw talent of youths in the city. To stay up to date with NETTO follow his social media.